Jewellery by Jo

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Here is a quick glance at some of my past jewellery pieces. Some of it is commission work and some was stock for the shop and shows.

Sorry, I know this is long overdue for an update. It is coming soon I promise!

Gallery of jewellery made by Jo Dix

It will give you a bit more of a feel for the wide range of requested jewellery I get. I’m happy to look at any request or any jewellery idea you might have and will refer you to another trusted maker if the piece is not my forte.

I will happily work in sterling silver, fine silver and white or yellow gold.
I unfortunately don’t work in pewter or platinum – as these are very different materials to work with. Platinum is worked at a much higher temperature and require different specialist skills, and Pewter in my opinion is just too soft. If you need any platinum items made, let me know and I can put you touch with a very skilled local jeweller.

Supply your own stones

You can supply your own stones – sea glass, natural stone, semi-precious or precious stones and gems. If you’d prefer to have them sourced, I can seek out the perfect stone for your piece.