Gallery : Stock by Jo Dix

Here is a quick glance at some of my stock items in the shop. Some of these may no longer be available but I can make something along similar lines.

It will give you a feel for the range of jewellery on offer at the studio. I will be adding to this gallery so do pop back.

The stock pieces tend to be silver, fine silver, gold or pattern-welded damacus steel. I do not work in platinum.

I have a range to gem stones that can be used to customise any of the stock items you see.

Making frequency

I will often make stock items of jewellery if I the displays are starting to look bare, or if a particular stone or style appeals to me.

Stock jewellery is a lot easier to make as often I will design a piece around a particular stone. These sorts of pieces evolve as they are being made.

With commissioned pieces you are invariably combining precious metal with a stone type to achieve a particular look. With stock, the design is usually centred around the focal point.