Jewellery Commissions

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Custom Handmade Jewellery Tempa Bracelet

Silver jewellery commissions are a great way to get what you want: Designed and customised just for you.

Most of my custom jewellery pieces have a lot of meaning for my customers. For some, it is to mark an occasion, for others it might be to celebrate the life of someone special, even pets. Whatever the reason, your idea will be treated with the same respect you would give it and all stones or inlaid items are treated with care and dignity.

If you have any innovative, sentimental or even downright crazy ideas, give me a call – I love challenges so do get in touch if you would like something truly individual made.

Step 1 in commissioning jewellery

step 1:

Discuss Designs

Your commission starts with a chat (via email, phone or face-to-face).
We’ll discuss your ideas and your budget.

Step 2 in commissioning jewellery

step 2:

Concept Drawings

I will do sketches to refine your ideas or generate further ideas if needed.
These ideas are refined until you’re happy with the overall design.

Step 3 in commissioning jewellery

step 3:

Making it

Your piece is then crafted by hand, using your chosen materials.
A fitting may be required on some jewellery items.

Step 4 in commissioning jewellery

step 4:

Safe Delivery

Once made, your jewellery can can be posted or collected.
All jewellery is sent Special Delivery.

My latest commission

Silver broach sketches with a sea themeCommissioned day of the dead ring

I cannot copy jewellery that you’ve found online.

If you’d like to get a piece made, sketch it up with your own spin and influence. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it will give me an idea of what you are wanting.

My pieces are created in both fine silver and sterling silver to include set gemstones or fused glass to a design you specify. I will also incorporate, where possible, any material that has special meaning to you through the use of settings or resins.

Bespoke is such an over-used word but it really does describe how personalised your jewellery can be. What ever it is you’d like made, call or email me to find out more about the steps involved in getting your jewellery made. Together we’ll look at the options and best way to create your magic piece.

Commission considerations

To give you a start, below is a list of things to think about when deciding what you’d like:

  • Type: Ring, pendant, bracelet, earrings
  • Size – is the piece going to be a bold size? Ring size, pendant size, chain length. If it’s for someone else, be sure to get their size as on some designs the piece may need to be remade if the incorrect size is requested.
  • Feature – Main design features
  • Colour or type of stones
  • Material – 9ct or 18ct gold (rose, yellow, white), fine silver, sterling silver
  • Symbolism – are there any meaningful symbols or motifs you would like included in the design?
  • Style – Do you have any images that of styles that you like?
  • Match – Are there other items of jewellery in your collection that this piece will go along side?
  • Deadline – Do you need it for a particular date?
  • Engraving – Do you need to add text or a special message?
  • Textures – What surface finishes do you like?
  • Theme – there a theme or era to this piece of jewellery?
  • Weight – Do you want it super-light or do you like a weighty feel?
  • Budget -It is useful to give your jeweller a budget as quoting is a time consuming task. Without a budget, we have no idea what constraints to design within.

Have a think about what you want. Sketch it out, or search for examples on Pinterest and Instagram. You can never have too many ideas or too much inspiration. Work on the idea for a bit and then let your brain mull it over for a while. Often, the perfect design will just emerge from all the designs you’ve been thinking about. You can’t beat a pencil and paper to iron out your ideas – it’s also a great way of conveying more closely what is needed from your jeweller.

I do not copy other people’s designs so would not be able to duplicate a piece that you have seen exactly. I can, however, use it as inspiration and create a jewellery piece that is of a similar theme or “in-the-style-of”. If you’re getting something created, it might as include your own input to make it special and different. Please send me a sketch rather than photos you’ve discovered online.

Here’s an example of one of my rings – a day of the dead ring – that was commissioned.

Sketch out your design

So get your creative cap on, grab a pencil or a mouse, and start sketching. Adobe Sketch is a great drawing tool for jewellery design for those of you who have a tablet or are happy drawing with a mouse. Alternatively, design your bespoke piece on paper, photograph it with your phone and email it over.