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The Gallery pages will give you a good idea of what I have been making in the studio or the results of some of the students attending my jewellery studios.

I make one -off pieces so they vary greatly as I get influenced by the things around me.

Jo’s Gallery

Coiled sterling pendant with coloured mesh insert

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These jewellery pieces are some that I have made for commissions or stock. Each one has its own story and they generally span a wide range of method and techniques.
Give me a call to discuss any ideas you have and I’ll provide you with a detailed quote.

Jewellery Workshop students hard at work

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Here you can see some of the jewellery made by students on either courses held in my studio, or at the Brewery Arts Centre. I will soon no longer be offering courses through the Brewery but you are welcome to get in touch with me for information on courses for between 1 – 4 people.