Treasure Chest Jewellery Box

Treasure Chest Jewellery Box

This copper treasure chest commission was created to house and store a very special item.


To create a treasure chest style of box within which to store a particular piece of jewellery which had sentimental importance.

The flat copper base of the treasure chest all cut out and ready for folding.

Copper is a great material to work in: It’s soft, can be marked up easily and is also quickly annealed when it gets work-hardened.

Flat base of the copper treasure chest

The lid in place with the tabs still to be folded down. The two D-shaped ends help give the curved chest surface its shape. Once the tabs are folded down and soldered, the lid becomes beautifully strong and rigid.

The finished copper treasure chest commission with sterling silver banding and rivets holding it all together. The rivets also give the treasure chest a pirate feel and a lovely tactile aspect too.

This was quite a challenging and time consuming commission and next to the Nurse’s buckle, one of my longest pieces to date. The final result, with its weather beaten exterior came out very nicely. It’s so easy to just keep adding rivets!

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About the Author:

Jo Dix is a jewellery designer/maker who runs a shop and studio in Cumbria, UK. Jo runs workshops and jewellery making courses from her studio as well as The Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal, Cumbria. Commissions in silver and gold are regularly done, even long-distance bespoke work is taken on.